12 oz Organic Hand Sanitizer



The organic ethyl alcohol in our product is more gentle on hands than isopropyl and a little bit of glycerin makes it softer, richer, and easier to rub into your hands. It’s not gummy and sticky, but silky smooth, leaving behind no residue after you use it. It’s thin, so ideal for a spray bottle to reduce wasteful overuse while getting good coverage on hands.


In order to receive a deposit credit back, all bottles must still have the label intact. Bottles can be dropped off in Richmond or Sebastopol, at participating retailers or exchanged upon delivery. Contact sales@Sudbusters.com to coordinate if you are unsure of how this works.


Shipping is not being offered at this time.
Purchases can be picked up in Richmond, CA or Sebastopol, CA

Delivery is an option for $5 with once-a week routes in Sebastopol/Santa Rosa area and Richmond, CA area.

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