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Check out our line of Organic Hand Sanitizer. We offer a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Our Organic Hand Sanitizer

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Why are we doing this?

Through our work developing a reusables system we have become experts in sanitation and, given that our mission is to protect human health and environmental health by reducing single use disposable trash, we felt like we could help in some way during the COVID-19 pandemic and associated halt in our traditional lines of business. We saw the opportunity to create a personal hand sanitation product that could assist in keeping our community safe in a way that also supports sustainable agriculture and offers an opportunity to experimenting with an alternative, returnable package.

Why Organic?

We want to put out the best possible product that also supports farmers using sustainable practices which is why our hand sanitizer is made with organic ethyl alcohol in a WHO-recommended formulation.

Returnable, Refillable, Reusable 

Our packaging selection is based on supply chain disruptions due to the impacts of COVID-19. Packaging for hand-sanitizer is in short supply through at least the end of Summer. In order to consistently supply our customers, we chose to repurpose a standard squeeze bottle and implement a returnable bottle deposit system to minimize the impact of the supply chain disruption as well as to reduce single-use-disposable plastic and work toward a circular economy. This allows us to build on a two-way relationship with our customers, while taking advantage of our high throughput dishwashing facility that is already equipped to wash and sanitize bottles for reuse.

This is also why we provide larger and bulk purchasing options. Our 12 oz and 24 oz bottles are ideal for refilling your smaller, personal spray bottles or dispensers. Think of these as a refillable refiller for the spray bottles you already have for everyday use. We also have a limited number of spray bottles if you need one. 

Our 5 gallon option is perfect for businesses that need a large, consistent supply of hand sanitizer to operate and keep their staff and customers safe. 

By returning bottles and buckets to us for reuse, you help ensure the sustainability of this offering and can save on future purchases. Deposits are non-refundable but returning a bottle will offset the need to purchase a new deposit on your purchase.